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Order online or call (504) 309-5505

5 for $35 Meal Deal
Donovan and Betty in kitchen

About Healthy Course

Donovan and Betty ArchoteBetty Archote understands the challenges of eating healthy: it doesn’t always taste good, you have to plan ahead, and it can be expensive. But she also knows that eating right is the key to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why she created Healthy Course—to offer a delicious, easy, affordable dietary option that compliments your busy lifestyle.

Like most families, life is busy in the Archote household. She and her husband Donovan have two children, Taylor (19) and Henry (5). They own two successful restaurants, Thanh Thanh and Huey P.’s Pizzeria, both located in Historic Old Gretna. Betty runs the day to day operations of the restaurants, while Donovan is also a 26-year Louisiana law enforcement commander. They understand that even people who want to eat right don’t always have the time to plan out healthy meals.

Committed To A Healthy Lifestyle

Donovan bodybuilder photoDonovan began bodybuilding in high school and went on to compete in various bodybuilding competitions. He is a certified personal trainer who is meticulous about what he puts in his body. He knows that whether you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or gain strength, it all starts with proper nutrition. Donovan understands eating the right foods will give him the energy he needs to keep with his family’s demanding schedule. Not to mention his job with law enforcement requires him to stay fit.

Archote familyBetty found out, like most moms do, that getting her body back in shape after having a baby would take more than just exercising. Together with Donovan, she committed to eating healthy. Betty is the oldest of 13 children and her passion for cooking grew from watching her mother. Between raising two kids and running two restaurants, Betty doesn’t have much time to think about what to feed her family. That’s why she created Healthy Course Meals, so on-the-go families, singles, working professionals, fitness enthusiasts, even senior citizens could eat healthy without spending hours planning and preparing meals.

Recipe for Success

Donovan and Betty in the Healthy Course kitchenDonovan and Betty heard over and over again from their friends and restaurant customers that people wanted to eat healthy but it was either too expensive, took too much time to prepare, or simply didn’t taste good. So in 2013 they decide to put their knowledge of nutrition, talents as a chef, and available kitchen facilities to use—and Healthy Course Meals was born. They look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals by eating healthy, perfectly proportioned, affordable meals.