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Son is an inspiration to mom

A year ago, 12-year-old Tristen Perrin made a life-changing decision. He told his mother he wanted to be healthier and stronger. Pretty strong words coming from such a young kid, but Tristen was committed. Back then, Annette Perrin described her … Continue reading

Healthy Course Success Story - Julie Randazzo

Mother Makes it Happen

I am a 41 year old, full-time mother, wife, and business partner who understands how hard it is to set time aside for yourself and concentrate on fitness and health. I have been active in the gym for years, but … Continue reading

My Journey from Fat to Fit - Tanya 4

My journey from fat to fit!!

When Betty asked me to write a journal about my journey from fat to fit, I thought sure no problem!  Then I began to write and realized how hard it was to revisit some of those times in my life. … Continue reading